Formerly a radio show on WMBR 88.1FM and hosted by a colleague, MISTI Radio transitioned to a podcast format after the Covid-19 pandemic forced DJs out of the station studio. Now we pre-record episodes to put up for streaming. I work with a team of fellow MISTI staff to produce the podcast, and I record, host, and publish the episodes.

MISTI Radio covers a wide range of topics that all relate to connecting MIT to the world, like climate change in Brazil, digital transparency in Denmark, black history in France, and the global higher education landscape. We feature MIT faculty and staff, and experts from around the globe. We also highlight MISTI students who feel compelled to share their experiences abroad.

Simmons Under the Surface

SUTS was a podcast I created during my time at Simmons. I produced, recorded, edited, and published the episodes.

It was all about discussing current events in depth with members of the Simmons community, like students, alumnae/i, and faculty. Topics included the history of Simmons, the intersection of democracy and journalism, and addressing racism in higher education.

Highlights include interviewing Simmons President Helen Drinan and Denise Doherty, author of John Simmons: The Measure of a Man, as well as hosting a round-table discussion with Simmons faculty and LaSharah S. Bunting, a former editor at the New York Times and Director/Journalism at the Knight Foundation.